UPVC French Doors Design

French doors have become very popular in homes today, mainly for decorative purposes. They are basically a door that consists of small windows located the full length of the door.

They offer a stylish addition to any room by including them as either exterior or interior door. French doors increase the outlook of a room and at the same time allow light to pass through freely.

Unfortunately, they also have their disadvantages with security being the major issue. Traditionally, French doors have been made out of wood; however, UVPC doors are becoming the better out of the two because they are more practical whilst at the same time a fraction of the price.

French doors can be used as either an exterior or interior door. When used as an exterior door, as opposed to normal windows they drastically improve the view of a room and brighten up the atmosphere, creating a happy and peaceful mood.

They are also commonly used as a patio door which is highly practical, especially if you opt for bi-folding doors (the most common form of French door). When using them as an interior door, they are just as spectacular as they let light flow freely through your house and create a more open feel.

UVPC French doors have increasingly become popular amongst builders and renovators. Its popularity is derived from three advantages over wood.

  1. Firstly, UVPC is a more durable material and is waterproof, meaning it has a longer life expectancy.
  2. Secondly, unlike wood there is a space between the inside and outside meaning that insulation materials can be installed, keeping you warm in winter and cold in summer and at the same time reducing the amount of energy you use on energy bills.
  3. Thirdly, because UPVC can be manufactured in any colour, it means that you do not have to continually repaint the door to keep it in a good condition.

French Doors

The production method of UVPC French doors is slightly different than the production of traditional wooden French doors. Because UPVC is moulded using a machine there is a significant reduction in the amount of time and manual labour needed. This results in a significantly cheaper price, even though the quality is far better than if it was made out of wood. The prices vary depending on where you buy the product but expect to pay anywhere from £500 to £1000. Don’t forget that you will need to hire a tradesman to install them for you which may be another few hundred pounds unless this included in the price.

If you are looking to save money, you install them yourself. Summing up, UVPC French doors provide an appealing and sophisticated look to your home. Some people still prefer to buy wooden French doors however I see no reason why this is necessary, UVPC is just as stylish while at the same time, more practical.

While there are some minor disadvantages such as reduced security and in some cases reduced privacy, it is clear that the advantages strongly outweigh the disadvantages. Find Out More at: https://www.doubleglazingpriceguide.org.uk/
UPVC French Doors For Your Home
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