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With the advent of Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride or UPVC technology, architects and interior designers found a way to apply it in modern homes without sacrificing design and elegance over durability and functionality. And with these are the many variations of UPVC sash windows styles.

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UPVC sash windows styles differ in terms of purpose. Deciding what kind of UPVC sash window style you choose may be dependent on different factors. But before you dwell into the what-nots of UPVC sash window styles, let’s talk about first the basic styles.

First is the vertical sliding UPVC sash window. This type of window design has been a common feature among British housing for several centuries already. Vertical UPVC sash window design is usually custom made to allow easy cleaning and ventilation.

More Double Glazing Window OptionsGregorian bar design and other sculptured frame often embellish vertical sash windows. If you are looking for traditional looking windows that carry modern technology, then this type of UPVC sash window is for you.

Vertical styles UPVC sash window often has handles used for sliding operating the sashes safely designed ergonomically. It also has key locking features for additional security.

Another popular type of UPVC sash window is the sliding sash. Many modern home designers regard sliding sash as the most elegant sash window style. This is mainly because this type of window is used in many vintage looking properties. If you’re looking for a window style to replace your old window and yet you do not want to the window replacement so sudden that will make the new window unfit for the structure, then sliding sash is your best bet.

Sliding UPVC sash window can have distinct period look that is perfect for old and vintage houses. Whoever said that achieving historic and aged looks on modern windows are impossible probably never heard of sliding UPVC sash windows.

Sliding UPVC sash windows allows seamless operation and worry-free maintenance. You can attribute that to superb engineering that combined modern technology and vintage style.

Another good UPVC sash window style is the box sash window. The main difference of box sash window compared to other types of UPVC sash windows is in the manner of holding the sashes in position. A pair of structured spring and strong spiral balancers holds the sash. This special design allows the unit to carry weight up to 40kg, making this window style perfect for huge windows like those used in large buildings and houses.

Which ever UPVC sash window style you may choose, keep in mind that because of the advanced UPVC technology, architects and engineers were able to incorporate time-tested security and convenience features.

Special locks and shoot bolts increased the security feature of these windows. The unique material used also allowed superb flexibility in style. And because of the wide variety of choices, window-choosing become a very interesting thing to do

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