UPVC Patio Doors

If you’re the type of person who loves hosting parties at their house, then you’re bound to have a patio where all the guests mingle.

Or maybe you’re not the party type; maybe you like just sitting outside and relaxing by yourself. No matter what the case is, if you own a patio then it is vital to make sure you have a good looking, good quality patio door.

That’s where UPVC doors come in. UPVC stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, and is a type of plastic used in windows, gutters and door frames.

This material is popular due to its low maintenance and tough nature. UPVC doors are also very low cost compared to other door types such as wood, so if you are considering buying a patio door, then UPVC would be a great choice.

Now you might be wondering, what aspects of a door should I be looking at specifically when purchasing? Well, when buying, you should first determine what type of UPVC door will get.

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patio doorsIf you are the type of person I mentioned before who loves to hold parties on their patio, then you should look into getting a door that is not only durable, but also looks attractive.

If you’re the type that just sits on you patio every now and then, or if you don’t use it at all, then maybe attractiveness is not as important, and something like security is.

For durability plus attractiveness, then your best option would be to just get a normal UPVC door. If security is more important to you though, then you should look into getting a UPVC door with reinforced steel and also toughened glass.

This may make your door not look as nice, but it gives you a sense of security that many feel is necessary in a home.

Once you have determined what type of UPVC door you will be getting, you can then choose how you want your door to look. Most UPVC patio doors are made up mostly of glass, because this provides natural sunlight and also a view of the outside.

If you are getting a door with glass, then you have the option of adding a stain glass decoration of your choice. Stain glass is good for those who have a soft spot for artwork and colours, but if you are more practical and prefer being able to look out your door, then you should just stick to plain clear glass.

In addition to choosing how your glass looks, having a UPVC door means you can have your door frame in a variety of different colours. Usually your door supplier will let you choose a colour at no additional cost.

Overall, if you are someone with a patio or if you plan to design a house with one in the future, then UPVC is an excellent choice of material for the door that you get. It allows house owners great flexibility in how they want their door to look, and it is a long lasting and durable material with very low maintenance.

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