Is your central heating boiler system slow to warm up?

Are your radiators cold or hot at the bottom and cold at the top, do they need frequent bleeding, is the radiator water dirty?

Noises coming from your central heating boiler? Has your heating pump broken down? Are your central heating costs too high?

Any of these symptoms with your central heating plumbing could indicate circulation or flow problems resulting from corrosion – rust, scale and sludge build up within your boiler system.

Power flushing is a more efficient and quicker way of cleaning a central heating system and solving typical central heating problems.

It consists of flushing through the whole system using water (and usually a cleaning agent) at high velocity, but low pressure, so that no physical damage is caused to the system.

Power Flushing Before Fitting a New Boiler

Modern boilers are compact with narrow waterways for maximum efficiency so they are more susceptible to problems than older boilers.

When installing a new boiler in an old central heating system, it is important that all sludge and debris is first removed from the system as it could accumulate and affect the efficiency of your new central heating boiler.

Power Flushing to Solve Central Heating System Problems Diagram

boiler power flush


Power flush diagram key:

  • A: Pinhole perforation, leakage, completely or partially cold radiators
  • B: Your radiators in need of frequent bleeding
  • C: Cold feed pipe becoming blocked
  • D: Repeated pump failures or corrosion deposits in pump casing
  • E: Boiler making strange and unpleasant noises

Power flushing cleans the whole of your central heating system removing sludge, corrosive water and descaling in one treatment which can:

  • Restore your central heating efficiency and reduce running costs
  • Cure flow and circulation problems
  • Restore heat output from radiators
  • Removes corrosive water within your system and replaces it with a treatment to prevent further corrosion
  • Cure boiler kettling noise
  • Minimise future heating system problems

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